Tiara Diamond and Generation Gifts

A Tiara can be a wonderful generational heirloom

A tiara can be so much more than just jewelry!


A Tiara is so much more than just something you add-on to your already amazing wedding day.  Have you thought how a tiara can also be an heirloom?  Yep – your thinking “I don’t want to spend a fortune on diamonds!” but you don’t have to.

  • Have you thought about looking on online auction sites and searching for terms such as”Antique Tiara” or “Diamond Tiara”?
  • Have you thought about getting out there and searching the antique markets, stores and more?

Having an heirloom can be something that is treasured by generations to come – it can be something special.  Suer, you can keep your dress and ring but a tiara can be something really really special, unique to your day and unique to that of loved ones in the future.

“I wanted to keep something about my wedding day that I could pass on to my future daughter, daughter in law, niece or whomever I wanted.  I looked around and made sure that I could afford what I was looking for first as the wedding was already spiralling out of control!  I took time out especially to look for a tiara and I found one that was clean, safe to wear and most of all beautiful.  It cost me about $200 and had a real diamond surrounded by lesser quality gem stones, but the key things is I love it and I could pass it on in the future…………if I wanted to part with it!”

Sure – we like to blog about the less expensive ones such as those found HERE – but we do like you to keep your options open and we hope that you will consider having a deeper look at the Tiara option and think about how it can be so much more than just added bling!


What’s a tiara


One of the most common questions that people as, believe it or not, is what’s a tiara .

“A tiara to me is a signature piece of jewelry that doesn’t need to cost the earth.  It accentuates the dress, the wedding outfit that you have chosen but also draws the eye to the wearer – the bride.  It can be wor in many other situations and is most common bejewelled.  In short, it’s a beautiful headpiece similar to a hair/head band”

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