What’s a tiara

One of the most common questions that people as, believe it or not, is what’s a tiara .

“A tiara to me is a signature piece of jewelry that doesn’t need to cost the earth.  It accentuates the dress, the wedding outfit that you have chosen but also draws the eye to the wearer – the bride.  It can be wor in many other situations and is most common bejewelled.  In short, it’s a beautiful headpiece similar to a hair/head band”

What’s a tiara got to do with it…..? At Tiarara.com we love what a tiara can do for you.  As mentioned above, it draws the eye to your face and headline and hair, glistening in the day and under those lights at night.  It should be your ‘crowning’ glory but not detract from the dress which is usually the centrepiece.
It is:.
  • Usually jewelled and worn at the front of the hair.
  • Semicircular in appearance with teeth like a hair clip.
  • Worn by the Royal Family and popularised for weddings.
  • Constitute an important part of bridal outfits.
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